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Picture Tapping

When we use EFT, we’re taught that for results that are terrific,it’s best to be specific.

So what do you do with a problem that’s too big to know where to begin or an issue that’s bugging you when you can’t seem to break it down into individual, manageable aspects?

Welcome to the Picture Tapping Technique!

You’ll find that PTT is ideal for “global” issues as it can help to “draw out” the core aspects driving the issue, or even clear an issue with multiple aspects in just one session!

Does this sound too good to be true?   Don’t take my word for it – come and see for yourself why my clients love it and why other therapists I’ve taught this to say that Picture Tapping has become an indispensable tool in their toolbox!


Whether we are visual, auditory or kinaesthetic in the way that we process or access conscious memories, we all store information subconsciously as images. And, as we know that 85 – 90% of our behaviour is driven by the unconscious and that many of our reactions are actually pre-cognitive, it explains why we can’t solve our problems with logic!

We can, however, now access those unconscious memories and negative behaviour patterns using art therapy. We can then remove the negative emotions attaching to the recorded images and install positive programmes using meridian tapping.   

Healing the memories heals the destructive or negative patterns and beliefs holding us back from realising our full potential and leading happy, fulfilled lives.  

It really is that good!

By using metaphors, (the language of the subconscious), PTT bypasses the conscious mind to facilitate deep and permanent change, making it excellent to use on global issues, ideal for children, ‘tearless trauma’ work and working ‘blind’. It really is accessible to anyone, of any age, and appropriate for all issues.